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Wedding Films

Stephen & Eboni

"We were extremely happy with the quality that Jered provided for our wedding. We were not sure at first if we wanted a videographer, and we are so happy that Jered was available because we couldn't imagine not having a wedding video to watch year after year. We would HIGHLY recommend Visuals by Jered!"

Eugene & Liné

The wedding film of Eugene and Liné. Their wedding day was full of love and joy, and I was honored to capture it all on film. I used a variety of techniques, including slow motion to create a beautiful, cinematic wedding video that the couple will cherish forever. I also incorporated audio from their wedding vows, speeches, and music into the film. It was a pleasure to document such a special moment in their lives and I'm so proud of the final product.

Dillon & Shanice

Dillon & Shanice's wedding was a joyous celebration full of fun and laughter! As a wedding videographer, I was thrilled to capture all of the special memories from their special day. I filmed the ceremony, reception, speeches, first dance, and all of the other special moments that made the day so special. The resulting wedding video is a beautiful keepsake that will always remind them of the joy of their wedding day. I am so proud of the wedding video I created for Dillon & Shanice, and I know they will cherish it for years to come.
Kyle & Zaiba
I absolutely love filming Muslim weddings, and one of my favourites was that of Kyle and Zaiba. It was a beautiful occasion. It began with a beautiful ceremony inside a mosque, followed by a lively outdoor reception. With colorful decorations, delicious food and lots of love, it was an unforgettable day for the couple and their guests. As a wedding videographer, I was touched to be part of their special day and capture all the beautiful memories for them to look back on.

Keble & Tiffany 

Keble and Tiffany's wedding was truly a magical day. From the beautiful outdoor ceremony to the incredible indoor reception, every moment was filled with joy and love. The couple's session was especially memorable, with a little bit of rain adding to the romantic atmosphere. I was able to capture beautiful footage of the couple despite the weather and their love for each other shone through. It was an honor to be part of such a special day and I wish them all the best in their life together.
Ryan & Chante
Stephan & Chandre
Gasant & Malikah
Niel & Monique 
Kay-Lynne & Kyle
Abdul & Rafiekah
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