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Please note that prices may vary depending on location, travel requirements, and any specific requests or customization needed. It's always recommended to contact me for a detailed quote based on your specific wedding needs.

For Muslim weddings we do not film the morning preparations, we prefer to start filming at the Nikkah.

Locations over 30km from the Cape Town, CBD area will be charged at R15 per KM, meaning the first 30km comes with whichever package you choose.

The wedding date is only officially booked once a 50% deposit fee has been paid. The remaining 50% fee is payable anytime after the wedding day.


Visuals by Jered

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Here's What People Ask Us

Why do we even need a wedding film? Aren't photos enough?
- You know how they say your wedding day is going to feel like a big blur? They're right. Because you're going to be busy getting your hair done, getting dressed, hugging guests and well. Getting married! Photos are beautiful, but they don't capture the tear-jerk speech your dad makes or the emotion as you exchange vows. They don't grab the look on his face as you walk down the aisle. When it's all over, it's the person you get to spend the rest of your life with that really matters. But you're only going to have this day once and trust me, you'll want to relive and remember it as much as you possibly can.

​Do you travel outside of your city?
- Yes, we do, but expenses such as travel and accommodations needs to be handled by the client.

​When is the best time to book?
- We recommend you book as soon as possible, as your date could be booked out at any moment.


How many Videographers will be at our wedding day?
- This usually depends on the package chosen, e.g., there is usually 1 Videographer, 2 Cameras and 1 Assistant for the Silver and Golden package, and 2 Videographers for the Platinum and Diamond package. You also do have to option to add an additional videographer within the add-ons portion of our price list.

How long will I wait for my video?
- For wedding videos, you usually wait 1-2 months. This is option to change depending on how busy we might be on other projects.

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